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Visual Reasoning

When we make an effort to understand some matter, we begin creating a meaningful pattern in our mind of which elements are involved and how they fit together. However, in any issue we are considering, there are usually more factors and people involved or affected than we might initially recognise. Putting our mental map on paper has several advantages: more ... less
  • Most situations are complex and exist within a larger context. A visual representation helps to reveal these additional factors and people.
  • With everything drawn out, the various factors and their relationships will be more visible. So, it's less likely that important options or consequences will be overlooked.
  • When discussing our thinking with others, they can point at and amend parts of the visual map more easily than if everyone was working from a document.
  • Since approximately 80% of people have a visual sensory preference, a visual approach will be widely applicable.

If you want to clarify and check your thinking, Visual Reasoning is for you.

Visual Strategy / Visual Innovation

Using the ideas and techniques from Visual Reasoning, these two facilitated sessions will help an organisation either to develop a viable strategy or to innovate its products and services.
Contact us to discuss your particular requirements.


Visual Reasoning

This book shows how to use two mapping techniques (not mind-mapping!), to draw out and check your thinking.

It is available in paperback and as an Amazon Kindle.

Communication Design And Delivery

Communication is not about dumping information on an unsuspecting and probably unwilling audience. Communication is about producing a desired response from an audience. You can accomplish this by asking yourself a few questions: more ... less
  • What response do you want?
  • From whom?
  • Why should they pay attention to you?
  • What will convince them?
  • How do you best deliver your message to them?

This workshop is for you, if you want your communication efforts to produce results.


It's Not All About You, ...

... It's More About Them

If information is dumped upon an unprepared audience with the hope that they will come to your conclusion, I can assure you, they won't. An information dump will barely nudge their "this-makes-sense-ometer" let alone their "why‑do‑I‑care‑ometer"!

It is available as an Amazon Kindle.

How To Create Your Own Workshop

This is for anyone who has an idea for a workshop to give and needs help to develop and plan it from scratch.


From Idea To Bums On Seats

This book takes the reader step-by-step from their initial idea through to the delivery of their workshop to a group of participants.

It is available in paperback and as an Amazon Kindle.

Transferable Research Skills for
Postgraduates and ECRs


Thinking About and Planning Your Research

This workshop is about defining your research project, planning its execution and how to troubleshoot the inevitable difficulties.

Presenting Your Research

Too often presentations attempt to convey too much information to an already overwhelmed audience. The result is "Death by PowerPoint". If you want your audience to pay attention and respond favourably, then this workshop is for you.

Writing Your Research:
Reports, Papers and Dissertations

These days, everyone is drowning in written material. Workshop participants regularly find that they can cut the length of their writing by 30% to 70% while making it easier to read and more persuasive!

Your readers will love you for being clear and concise.


Skills For Maximising Your Graduate Experience

This book on transferable skills is intended for graduate students from any research area. It can also be useful to undergraduates and postdoctoral fellows. more ... less

In today's academic environment, supervisors are overworked and have less time available for their postgraduates. This book can serve as a supplemental resource.

It is written in a clear and simple style which will be accessible to people for whom English is a foreign language.

It teaches the reader how to:

  • clarify their thinking
  • plan and manage their research project
  • deliver a logically argued case as a presentation or in writing
  • manage their time
  • find suitable employment when it's time to move on.

It is available in paperback.

Pitching Yourself, Pitching Your Ideas

This workshop is for Early Career Researchers or final year postgraduates. It covers how to sell yourself in the employment market and how to sell your ideas and projects to funding agencies, charities, potential collaborators and management.



Reading Your Own Watch

This book is for individuals with supervisory responsibilities who want to improve their chances of choosing an appropriate course-of-action, planning it well, winning support, and executing it effectively.

It is available in paperback.

Transferable Skills For Undergraduates


Writing Essays, Reports and Dissertations

This is a series of workshops where undergraduates learn how to structure a clear and convincing essay/report/dissertation. Working in small teams over the course of the programme, they give and receive peer-feedback on their written work. This improves their writing and develops their ability to see any problems in their own and other people's writing.


Critical Thinking

In this series of workshops undergraduates learn how to define and structure their thinking in a critical and systematic way. They work in small teams on a variety of subject-related exercises. more ... less ...

The critical thinking techniques include:

  • expanding, exploring and evaluating statements;
  • defining the cause and effect relationships involved in some situation;
  • developing multiple provisional explanations (hypotheses) for events; and
  • anticipating consequences.

These critical thinking skills will serve them during their university studies and their subsequent careers.



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