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Which Way? The I Ching Recast

by Ted VanderNoot

(ISBN: 978-0-9562487-2-5 — Published in 2009)

The author became interested in the I Ching in his youth. He found this ancient Chinese practice insightful, but the metaphorical text-based answers often made it difficult to interpret. Using his scientific background, he developed this new approach where the hexagrams have been assigned unique scores.

This approach is not intended to replace appropriate advice from suitably qualified medical or legal professionals.

Sample chapters:
Why Did I Develop This Method?
How Does This Method Work?
What Do People Like About This Method?
Guidelines For Framing Questions

A5 paperback — 94 pages — £8.00

This book is printed-on-demand and sold by CPI-Antony Rowe Ltd. The "Buy" button will take you to their website where you can purchase the book online.

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This book is also available as a Kindle version from Amazon.



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